Peace Cafe

After the tremendous success Peace Café had on board Fuji Maru during the 22nd Ship for World Youth Program, SWYGreece Alumni Association together with the American College of Greece decided to use this non-formal educational activity as an on going learning process for students in Greece.

Taro %Yasuhi and Gulece Senel introduced the first session about the atomic bomb and nuclear energy.

“Peace café” is a non formal educational activity aiming at developing and enforcing the concept of peace in a personal, inter-personal and community level, through dialogue, discussion, workshops, roleplays and the use of multimedia as a stimulant for the activities.

In terms of methodology, the only thing needed is a space where the participants can relax drinking a cup of coffee/tea and good will to participate in friendly and open hearted discussion.

The theme of this “Peace Café” session was: “the atomic bomb and the use of nuclear power”.

The session was co-ordinated by Mr Taro %Yasuhi. Mr. Yasuhi comes from Nagasaki and has a personal experience from the results of the atomic bomb. Both his grandparents were victims of the atomic bomb while his grandfather devoted his life in treating the atomic bomb victims, working in the Atomic Bomb Hospital of Nagasaki. Mr. Yasuhi, (24 years old) is a peace volunteer organizing Peace Café in order to raise awareness of young people around the world on the effects of the use of nuclear weapons so as to avoid mistakes of the past.

Miss Gulece Senel comes from Ankara and was the facilitator of this session. Miss Senel is an expert in conflict resolution having studied specifically about the Greek-Turkish relations.

The participants of the 22nd Ship for World Youth were also present or participating in a discussion on line, giving their own feedback about the issue.

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