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Homestay + 1 - Taro %Yasuhi, April 19th, 2010

Peace Cafe, April 13th, 2010

World Environment Day, June 5th, 2009

New SWYAA Forum

World Environment Day, June 5th, 2008

"One more Child goes to School Project"

1st SWYAA Global Assembly

Global Photo Contest and Our World, One World project

Renaissance Reunion in Greece - 2006

Asia on the spotlight

International Understanding Project between Greece and Egypt

"Santa Barbara meets Japan" Report for the presentation made by Mrs Akari Murata


Greenwave Project, World Environment Day, June 5th 2009

Did you know that most plants can contribute to a number of issues concerning our homes? Basil and levanda for instance can keep insects -ants and mosquitoes- away from your place while cactaceous plants can absorb the biggest part of radiation emitted by tv sets computers etc. Mushrooms are natural collectors of radioactivity while aloe Vera can be used for skin invigoration and hydration. Mint, lemongrass, rosemary, thyme and chilly pepper plants can be used for a number of recipes, keep them in your balcony! Dracaena is the best way to get rid of cigarette smoke in your living room while a room with plants can definitely relax anyone living there.

It is known that plants absorb Co2 and help against climate change and the green house effect. Even if your place is quite dark, there are plants -like zamia- that can survive and improve air quality...

On June 5th, humanity celebrates the International day for the environment. SWY-Greece is contributing launching the Green Wave project and we are asking everybody's help. It is something very simple, it takes no time at all and costs almost nothing. All you have to do is "adopt" a plant. Just buy a plant, smaller or bigger, and put it in your place, office, yard, balcony. In case you want to organize something bigger, gather with friends, ask your colleagues or -in case you are a teacher- your students to participate, even buy a tree and plant it in a park, school yard or garden. Take a photo and send it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Share this information with your friends and ask them to participate too... EVERYONE can participate!

It is the easiest thing and there is no excuse for not participating. Just bare in mind that if all pys participate we will have more than 5000 plants globally, if all pys ask their friends, we can create a tsunami with more than 100.000 plants...

Remember: June 5th, either if you work or relax, just get a plant on your way home. Take a photo, send it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and when all photos are uploaded in our webpage, enjoy the photos of your friends while the green wave is starting from Fiji, Tonga and Solomon islands and finishing at the western part of America...

All of us together can do miracles!

Thank you all who participated in our project. Please keep sending your photos to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will be gladly post it in our website!

Dalia Bari - Mexico,
 currently in Israel

Elham Al Koohiji - Bahrain

Lee Wai - Singapore

Pavlos Pavlakis and Xrysavgi Titsi - Greece

Stella Pantazidou - Greece

Tamae Saito - Japan

Baliakos Ioannis - Greece

Yuka - Japan

Yiota Spyrou - Greece

Vassilis Tikos - Greece

Konstantinos Tsigkaras - Greece


New SWYAA Forum

During the 13th Ex-PY Conference, last March, it was agreed among the representatives of the countries who took part to create a forum that will facilitate our way of discussing different issues.

During the 13th Ex-PY Conference, last March, it was agreed among therepresentatives of the countries who took part to create a forum that will facilitate our way of discussing different issues.

The forum is now ready and waits for you to ckeck it out and start fruitful discussions! It is a place for anyone in our big SWY family, to raise questions on existing topics or create new ones and obtain answers, exchange information, chat and find out about the latest news or events that are being posted.

We welcome you and we hope that we will all use this new discussion tool to spread relevant information and strengthen our bonds.

March 2010 - The site is down as it will be relaunched soon in a new and more secure server. Thank you for your patience!

World Environment Day, June 5th 2008

On the World Environment Day, June 5th, alumni members took part in the cleaning of the beach of the region of Voula.

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One more Child goes to School Project

SWY Greece supports the "One more Child goes to School Project" by “adopting” two children in Sri Lanka.

A campaign to make the project known will follow with closer cooperation with ANCE (Athens Network of Collaborating Experts) that runs the project for Greece.

Since May 10th SWY Greece members committed themselves to support those two children in that area till they reach adulthood.

1st SWYAA Global Assembly

Learn here everything about the 1st SWYAA Global Assembly organised in Athens in September 2007 as well as the extended program to Mykonos and Corfu.

Global Photo Contest and Our World, One World project

SWY Greece AA presented a photo exhibition of Global Photo Contest and Our World, One World project.
 You can read more on the newsletter

Renaissance Reunion in Greece - 2006

SWY Greece Alumni Association organized the first REN reunion in Greece from September 22nd to October 1st, 2006.

More information can be found at the renaissance reunion newsletter.

Asia on the spotlight

On the 6th of June 2006, a short presentation for Japan and Korea took place for the Greek students (age between 20s-30s) of XINI Foreign Languages School in Athens, thanks to Tomoko Yanase, SWY14 py.

Being one of the oldest schools in Greece that started teaching Japanese language they were happy to welcome the participants of the SWY, hoping one day their students to be involved too. Students have their own motives for learning Japanese like Lina who would like to work in the Tourism industry or Verra who visited Japan with her University and got a deep interest about this country.

Tomoko was accompanied by her fellow students from Ireland, Michiko (Japan), Ka Young and Hye–Jin from Korea. It was hard to guess who is from which country, making all the students guessing wrong but it was a way to laugh and feel at ease!

The presentation started with Vassilis Tikos (SWY6), president of the SWY Greek Alumni who explained about the importance of the program and encouraged the students to participate in future.

Yiota I. (SWY14), General Secretary of the Alumni being now very good in Japanese language, spoke about being herself a student like them few years ago.

Michiko, Ka Young, Hye-Jin and Tomoko presented their country and themselves, the meaning of their names, their studies and work field, their countrymen habits. The teacher, Mrs. Midori Ota, who happened to be from the same city like Michiko, advised to talk in Japanese being a good chance for practice.

However the real ice breaking was in the second part where the girls sat with the students and talked almost about everything, such as the music, the Japanese and Korean writing, the habits and so on. This took longer time than originally planned taking almost the whole of the two hours lesson’s duration. No one wished this to end.

Small surprise waited the students as Japanese sweets from the only Japanese shop in Athens were distributed. However what made the students happy was the cd with the songs of Hirai Ken that was given to all. A SWY14 PY had kindly sent it all the way from Japan.

Zoi one of the students, surprised Yanachi and Michiko for her deep knowledge in modern Japanese music and Anime, her main motives for starting Japanese language. The following day she asked to meet the girls and presented to each of the four a cd with Japanese songs including the bands “UVER world”, “D-technolife”, “High-end Mighty Color” and so on!

When Yanachi revealed to them that the SWY program has inherited in her a strong bond, the feeling that Yiota, Vassilis, Katerina and the other Pys are family to her, she really moved us as we also feel the same.

When it was time to go, the students made in no time the Greek “origami” that is a paper boat and offered it to each guest together with Thank you Letters. They exchanged emails and we all wished MATA AIMASHYO.

* The SWYGREECE Alumni would like to thank the Head of XINI Foreign Languages School, the teacher Mrs. Midori OTA, Tomoko Yanase (SWY14), Michiko, Ka Young, Hye-Jin for their contribution.

International Understanding Project between Greece and Egypt

Cairo Citandel
After so many dreams and preparations, we arrived in Cairo. When the sun has risen over the thousant minarets of this magic city, our joy has risen to heaven meeting our swy family members there. Ahmed Amin (swy6) and Radwa Saad (swy10) were our first guides to the Citandel and the old Cairo.

Al Fayoum Oasis
A trip to the desert showed us that Nippon Maru is always in our lives, no matter where we might ever be. A small boat in the middle of the desert, near Wady Al Rayan lakes, proved to be the best place for a "photo session" for both Greek and Egyptian swy members. Amani Rabei (swy6-14), Radwa and Doaa Fathy (swy14) together with Vasilis Tikos begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting (swy6) and Katerina Lygkoni (swy14) embarked for a trip to memories.

International Understanding
Vasilis and Radwa, with the help of Perihan Adel (swy14), Katerina and 4 more Athens2004 volunteers presented the educational material for international understanding to the students of Hayah International Academy, as it was created in the Ren03 program.
Olympic Games as a factor of International Understanding
The recent success of the Athens2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games, was vivified in the presentation hall with the presence of the Olympic torch which amazed the students and generated excitement.

Future Torchbearers?
Students of the Hayah International Academy are getting photographed with the volunteers and the torch. Their joy and smiley faces together with their passion to knowledge and understanding illuminated the school like another Olympic flame.

Commemorative photo of the school administration, the swy members and the Athens2004 volunteers.
Certificates of appreciation and gifts presented by the school administration to the Greek delegation and swy members.
An olive tree was given to the school as a message of peace by the Greek delegation. Moreover, about 70 letters from Greek students were delivered to the Egyptian students for the beginning of a pen pal project. Now, we are looking for prospects to innitiate a student exchange program between the two countries.

Even if international understanding does not involve taking monuments back home, we definitely tried to and Ahmed Barakat (swy14) did his best to help us...

Thank you Egypt for the warmest hospitality!!!


Agenta of the presentation:

The importance of Education

International Understanding towards global peace

Olympic Games as a factor of International Understanding

The Athens 2004 Olympic Games and its contribution to Olympism (first global torch relay, Cultural Olympiad, Olympic Truce)

Volunteerism and its importance to the individual and society as a whole

Presented by:

Vasilis Tikos (swy6-ren03)
Radwa Saad (swy10-ren03)
Perihan Adel (swy14-ren03)
Katerina Lygkoni (swy14)
Amani Rabei (swy6/14)

The Athens2004 volunteers:
Evgenia Grigoriou
Vivi Zissi
Viki Skandali
Christina Varlami

Special thanks to:
the Hayah International Academy in Cairo and the Greek-German School of Athens Administration and staff.

Theodora Trigoni and Yasmeen Nizamy for their precious help.




Mrs. Akari greeted pupils in Greek and Japanese language. First part of the presentation was about the geography, population, history, language and customs of Japan.

Photo session followed, between Akari, Katerina, the teachers and the students holding the Olympic Torch and the Japanese crane, symbols of peace.

In the west of Athens lies the municipality of Agia Varvara or “ Santa Barbara ” as its inhabitants have jokingly nicknamed her. It is a poor, underprivileged area, deprived of any greenery or clean air.
A ray of hope for a better future that is, better educated, open-minded active youths, is nested in a squeezed by house apartments schoolhouse, the 2nd primary school of Agia Varvara . It's knowledgeable, open-minded teachers are working hard to expand their student's life horizons. This explains why the whole school stopped all lessons and 250 students assembled in the school's auditorium to attend Akari Murata's presentation about Japan.
On the 30 th of May 2005, Akari Murata from SWY14, was the first Japanese person to have entered the school. It was the first time for most of the students to meet Asia so close and their curiosity was high. Akari was well prepared for it. In cooperation with the Japanese Embassy in Greece , she obtained sufficient material such as music and videotapes for display as well as 250 booklets in Greek language about the history, geography, culture, economy and everyday life of Japan for all students and their parents.
Music from Shamisen was in the air until all students assembled. Akari greeted pupils in Greek and Japanese language. First part of the presentation was about the geography, population, history, language and customs of Japan as well as SWY. This knowledge was new for the excited students but whenever Akari asked about Toyota , Suzuki, Panasonic and Sony and of course Pokemon and other cartoons, all pupils knew them very well! In the second part, students watched a short video on one of the most famous Festivals in Kyoto , the Bon Festival.
The third part of the presentation was the most exciting moment for the pupils! Time for Origami! Akari spoke about the meaning of the art of folded paper for the Japanese people and to their surprise, a colored paper was transformed in her hands into a Samurai's hat, the “Kabuto”! It was time for each of them to put their effort and make one under the directions of Akari. To her and mine surprise, they did so well, having hundreds of small Kabutos been waved happily in the air by proud Greek students. For the proud teachers as well…
A touching moment when Akari ended her speech with the advice that, no matter how far is Japan , no matter how difficult Greek Language is for her or Japanese for them, the friendship and warmth she felt from her SWY Greek Family during her stay in Greece , abolished the wall of the unknown and brought both countries so close. She then urged them to participate in the same and similar international programs.
It was time to end the presentation. Students did not want to leave. They practically rushed at Akari asking her about Japan , Origami, and Japanese writing, in the hope for an exclusive talk! Teachers were trying hard to put them back into lines to return to their classrooms. Akari promised them that she would see them very soon. She did, entering in every classroom to say goodbye to the students and offering a huge colorful origami crane to each teacher, a gesture of Peace, Friendship, and Good Luck to all.
Later on, 5 th Grade classes attended short talk about the Olympic Flame, its International Route , and the similarities and differences between the Sydney 2000 and the Athens 2004 Olympic Games by SWY14 PY Katerina Lygkoni. I was wearing the Sydney 2000 volunteer uniform whereas Mrs Irini Lani one of their teachers, was wearing the Athens 2004 Olympic uniform, being a volunteer herself and setting the example for prospective volunteerism from her students.
Photo session followed, between Akari, Katerina, the teachers and the students holding the Olympic Torch and the Japanese crane, symbols of peace.
The Greek SWY alumni would like to thank Akari Murata, SWY14, for her contribution and well prepared presentation. She certainly planted the seeds of wish in their hearts for international participation, for more involvement, for a better future...