SWY22 - Report


Outline of SWY22

The value of the SWY program is to foster mutual understanding and friendship between Japanese and foreign youth. It is an opportunity for all participating youth to understand each other’s culture and customs. At the end of the program, a better understanding of Japanese and foreign cultures is acquired by the participants and friendships made onboard are meant to last for a lifetime.

Ship for World Youth program engages youth in an enlightening, enjoyable and educative experience, through a diversity of interactive and explorative activities. Participants build on their knowledge, skills and learning experiences and broaden their perspectives through engagement with youth on a daily basis. This fact can be fully understood only by the approximate 6000 participants that took part in this program in the past, including us, that we joined upon completion of the program, a second, BIG and STRONG family, THE SWY FAMILY.
Being able to spend time (24/7) with people from different countries and being involved in enriching conversations and cultural exchanges, enhances the eagerness and the possibility to explore the rest of the world and develop cross-border friendships that doubtlessly broaden international outlooks for all participants. Since then we all desire to take initiative in different areas of a globalizing world and to become an active part in youth development activities.

We hope that the Japanese Government will give the opportunity to many other young Greeks to experience such a program and live matchless moments at sea. Such programs offer so many opportunities for people from all over the world to meet each other, and to get to know different cultures, which are so far away and yet, so close. It is the main highlight in our lives and it is engraved in our hearts forever.

A cordial thank is addressed to the Japanese Government and people who support this program, to the administrators, volunteers, host families, the captain and the ship crew for carrying through such an ambitious project with great success and having made our stay in Japan and Fuji Maru vessel so special. 

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We would also like to thank the General Secretariat of Youth, the Scouts of Greece, Interamerican as well as the Greek Embassy of Japan in Tokyo and his Excellency Mr. Ν. Tsamados (Ambassador of Greece in Japan) for his assistance and continued support for delivering our goods to the ship on time.

Furthermore, a great thank is addressed to all the Companies and Organizations for their gifts and contribution to succeed in our primary Goal. They helped us to successfully present our country and get the best out of this incomparable experience.

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