SWY 22 - Reflexions

Each Greek participant of SWY 22 has his/her own story to tell about this experience and wants to share it below in a few words...

Being a National Leader in the 22nd Ship for World Youth program has been very rewarding as it deepened my knowledge in other cultures and while interacting with other participants, I learned more about myself, my capabilities and the choices that are given to me in life. I discovered new things and shared my opinion and country’s problems while I became a close friend and tutor for a set of people from different nationalities. The gift of being a participant can only be fully understood by the approximate 6000 participants that took part in this program in the past.
I am so proud to have spent 50 days with SWY22 passionate participants. You have showed to me what commitment, teamwork, sincere feelings, open heart and dedication means. In the last 50 days we came so close to each other, we shared our lives, laughed, cried, danced, and dreamed together. Thank you for the great gift you gave me. Your friendship!

“Open your eyes, feel the ship and see how you can benefit from her.
Talk to as many PYs as you can and share your feelings with the world.
There is a reason why you have been chosen to join SWY family.
Embrace it, enjoy the voyage and you will find yourself "trans-formed".”

Konstantinos Tsigkaras

That's only how I can describe the experience I've had, for almost two months, in the 22nd Ship for the World Youth Program.
A Light which floods and renews my Soul, making me to get absolutely and really tied with People that before I wouldn't even meet, but, even if I would meet, we wouldn't even try to know each other!
A Light which, playfully shimmering, alters my points of view on myself, the Humans, the Nature, the whole World!
A Light which enriches, enhances, empowers and develops both myself and the network of People whom I consider as Friends, Partners, Fellows and Companions in the great fight of leaving this World a little better than what we found it.
I feel blessed (by God? by the Nature? by the Humanity? by my Country? by Japan? what's the matter???) that I've had this experience! Yes, I'm ready to transform this life experience to a living life-time experience. To turn the Light into Love!!!

Michail Dim. Drakomathioulakis

"I heard that the experience of participating in SWY is unique ...
I knew that what I am going to experience will be incredible and unforgettable…
Returning back home I realized that it is not just a unique experience....
I was grown in a microcosm that did not exist anymore…
My perception has changed...
Democracy is not understandable by everyone...
You can smile even if it is difficult for you to find food to survive...
Religion does not make the difference, but people themselves...
We are all able to experience the true meaning of SWY, trying to make our world a better place, peaceful and helping people in need ..
I am telling the truth honestly... "

Panagiotis Mamouzakis

The Ship for World Youth is like an experience of deposits. When you lend elements of your personality, your time, your creativity, the result is to get back even more from what you originally gave. The numbers are indicative of the greatness of the event: 250 participants from 13 countries, 153 days, 4 countries visited, 6 courses, numerous activities and countless moments. The bonds established between young people demonstrate the will to cooperate and make a better, peaceful and humane place for tomorrow. Furthermore, the inevitable comparison to everyday life, the culture and value system of each country have made each one of us to look in depth and wonder what is truly important in our life eventually. This trip definitely enlightened us.

Gregory Kontos

No comments nor words. I do not have the words to explain this onboard experience or I shall say that those words do not exist. It is a great opportunity and chance to participate in this program. The people you met, the places you have been, the cultural exchange experience and the conversations among the participants. All these make you feel that you are living in a different world. THE WORLD OF THE SHIP.

Alexandros Iatridis

What can one say about the chance we were given by the Cabinet Office and the Government Office of Japan, an experience that I, at least at my 28 years have never lived before.To belong to a global family with friends from the five continents, to live for so many days with strangers that become friends after the things we lived together is inccredible. We visited destinations that I had only dreamed of seing, I became friends with wonderful people that I would not have otherwise even encounter. It is my pleasure to say that this programme exceeded all my expectations and I would recommend anyone who was given the same oppotrunity to participate as well.

Antigoni Margariti

A shocking experience, a flood of cross-cultural information, real human bonds that rival even the covalent ones in power, these are the ingredients of an incredible recipe called «Ship for world youth». A family that was created in just two months, a ship that managed to hold all worlds, those are things that I would have never imagined of their very existence. But it was all real, so real that seemed faked in my eyes. So I opened my eyes and saw the colors of earth, I started listening to different dialects, I began to comprehend ideals that before I would never dare to think, all these led me to conclude that differences and diversity exist to unite us and not to drug us into the vicious cycle of xenophobia.

Petros A. Papakostas

Upon my return from the program everybody kept on asking me "Please tell me how it was!?"
I was struggling to reply but it was really hard... Sixteen days have passed since our return to Greece and I still live in the micro world of the program. It is such an intense activity that changes your spirit, it moves you to a place you have never imagined and suddenly you begin to think, feel, learn, perceive, realizing things and situations you have already experienced before, but now you are able to face them for the first time .
It is a unique program that if someone has not experienced, he will not understand even if I try to describe it.

Krista Mitros

The 22nd Ship for World Youth gave me the unique opportunity to experience something unforgettable. It is really hard for someone to describe with words how he or she felt on board and how he or she spent his or her moments on board. Everything took place in terms of cross cultural understanding, something that personally helped me to respect the particularities of each person and broaden my cultural knowledge. The truth is that I do have mixed feelings considering our visit at ports of calls and this is mainly because, while I was fascinated by the exotic beauty of Singapore and the tall and modern skyscrapers in UAE, I felt unforgettable emotions and deep feelings for the people of India. This program expanded my view and it was the beginning of new friendships that gave me many unique and fabulous moments.

Maria Vassou

It is so difficult to describe something so “enormous” on a single piece of paper. However despite my eighteen years experience I can definitely say that the SWY program is perhaps the best thing that can ever happen to a young person. Apart from the countries I visited, where every country had its own philosophy and culture (the developed country of Japan to the developing country of India), the most significant thing I encountered was the interaction with people on board. Artistic, multicultural and sports entertaining activities, discussion courses, seminars and available free time made us to comprehend the difference between our civilizations and to develop strong human bonds. Since the end of the program I realize that my way of thinking on individual, collective, local and international level has rapidly transformed. I am pretty sure that the program made me to earn the will to change the world to a better place!

Phoebe Vlastou

Sometimes the mind plays tricks on me. The moment before I leave for the program I was living in misery. It was a very strange feeling for someone who was about to depart for that kind of a unique experience. I used to think that upon my return from the program, my friends will not dare to speak to me again… Are you curious about what happened next…? Fantastic ... First of all I do speak with my friends, and not only ... Now I talk with people around the world ... Australia, Bahrain, Ecuador, Egypt, Japan, India, Kenya, Oman, Sri Lanka, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen .... I feel so complete after this trip ... I have gathered among many things and feelings, pictures of new countries and worlds, smells and tastes, interpersonal relationships, friendships, love, knowledge and ideas for new things and activities. Nothing will ever be the same after this trip. We formed a great community and we became a family in only 2 months. Because we like it that way, and we cannot change our feelings. I am looking forward to becoming once more participant of this program. I promise myself...

Anna Cheimona