HOMESTAY + 1 project

SWY Greek alumni members approved and put into practice the Homestay + 1 project where it is advisable for ex-pys when visiting a country to take part in local events and/to contribute to society (i.e. visiting a school, etc.).

Since 2001 SWY Greece had the honor to host people from more than 25 countries in the world. Participants and friends not only from SWY program but also from the sister SSEAYAP program.

Several Homestay + 1 projects have been organised in the past like:
    - Asia on the spotlight
    - Santa Barbara meets Japan

Nowadays, after the first official meeting upon the return of SWY22 delegation with the new General Secretary of the General Secretariat for Youth, new Homestay +1 projects come into practice with joint projects between our alumni association and the GSFY as well as the Scouts of Greece.

Please read below, the Homestay+1 project that took place in April while Mr Taro  Yasuhi (SWY22 participant) was in Greece.

SWY-Greece AA and the Scouts of Greece organized a common activity in the frame of Homestay +1 project. Taro %Yasuhi, a former participant of SWY22 visited the 3rd Boy Scouts Troop of Kifissia and during the 18.4.2010 gathering he talked about Japan and the Japanese culture.

The gathering started with a game in which the scouts had to find the Japanese Samurai who would teach them about Japan. To every kid’s surprise, Taro appeared wearing traditional Japanese clothes and taught them how to dance “Soran” dance (traditional fishermen’s dance). Taro then asked each group of kids to think they can spend one day in Japan, and asked them to put down in paper how they believe they would spend this day, depending on their knowledge about the country.

Based on their knowledge depicted on the papers, Taro made sure to clear out everything the kids were confused about and teach them even more things about the Japanese culture and lifestyle.

Later on, Taro taught them how to make origami figurines while he watched a karate performance organized by kids who practice it. Even after the end of the official meeting, Taro spent much time with the young scouts talking to them and answering every single question posed by them.

The feedback SWY-Greece had from both the young scouts and the young scouts’ leaders (adult officials) was exceptional. The young scouts enjoyed and learned a lot of things about Japan while their leaders reported that this visit helped them promote further the “Social Partnership”, one of the five pillars of interest for the Scouts, designed to strengthen young scouts’ physical, mental, social and intellectual abilities and deliver them to society as useful, moral and responsible citizens.