Green Manual

The aim is the formation of a practical manual with useful instructions (advice) for one’s everyday life.

This manual will include advice for energy saving (i.e. turning off electrical equipment when not in use, unplugging chargers, using energy efficient light bulbs).
The manual will explain the usefulness of recycling and reduce of the amount of rubbish in landfills, composting, etc; it will raise awareness on the different types of recycling materials and ways of recycling.

Sustainable use of natural resources (sustainable use of water) the manual will include examples (i.e if 1000 people reduced their shower time by 10 seconds each 40 tones of water would be saved per week).

There will be 4 phases for this project:
1. Implementation of the instructions of the manual by all members of SWYAA GREECE
2. Each member of SWY Greece will try to convince five families from their respective social circle to follow the instructions of the manual.
3. Establishment of a NETWORK that will succeed in spreading the use and the implementation of the manual within their social network, creation of a website, spread the word in broader social networks, as well as establishing an award giving to the families that implement effectively the instructions of the manual.
Last but not least, once the GREEN MANUAL is used effectively by a large number of Greek households we will try to spread it to all countries within the SWY Network.