New Global Photo Contest

SWY Greece is currently involved in the development of a “New Global Photo Contest” which is an ongoing long term project based on the objectives of previous contest but in a more accessible and refined way. Its goal is to encourage participation of the SWYAA and the SSEAYAP by providing an add-on tool for international understanding and aims in three primary outcomes:

1. Photo Book
The ultimate aim of the GPC project is to produce content that can be printed in a book with articles written by participating youth. The book will be mainly for commercial release with a pre arranged profit percentage to return to the organizers and various charities.

2. GPC Website
To create a well established website the can act as a portal for all competitions and also host the winning photos and content about the project, associated programs, organizers and sponsors.

3. Exhibitions
To host at least one exhibition during one of the major events of the SWY or SSEYAP programs and/or present winning photos to a well known global photography exhibition and/or galleries worldwide.