Dear SWYers…

Many of you may have found a new world you can step into after the SWY program. Some of you may be still looking for.

Some of you shipped off to see another world to gain more experiences; some started to take a new job that you had never dreamt before.

Some gained power to pursue a dream, and some started a new project. No matter which direction you may go, there is a place to meet… a place to share… a place to stimulate each other… and here is the one for you.

swyworld.net serves you as a gateway to share your interest, creativity, skills and care to the world.

You can express yourself with writing, music, photo exhibition, etc. and show your “SWY world”.

Depart from swyworld.net and come back with new senses, ideas, and discoveries.

Connect with people at swyworld.net; connect yourselves with the world!